What does Cogito Ergo Sum Means?

Rene Descartes was a renowned 17th-century French philosopher and mathematician best known for his Discourse on Method and the phrase Cogito Ergo Sum. He coined that phrase, which translates as I think therefore I am an important part of his theories.

it is necessary to know what doubt is, and what thought is, [what existence is], before we can be fully persuaded of this reasoning — I doubt, therefore I am — or what is the same — I think, therefore I am.

There are various reasons why this phrase was an important part of his approach to philosophy and also how people should understand the world around them. Descartes was a man that aimed to convince people that they had freedom of thought and that they should have freedom of speech as well.

Rene Descartes portrait "Cogito Ergo Sum"

“Cogito Ergo Sum”

For Descartes, it was important to demonstrate that reality was more important than abstract thoughts. The rate onslaught behind the phrase was that people know that that they are real and that everything that surrounds them is real because they are able to think.

It argues that thought and sensation are what makes life real and it is the ability to think that makes people different from animals. He did not believe that philosophy should be so abstract that people were not able to understand it, or that it should make people question what was real, and what was imagined.

Cogito Ergo Sum was perhaps the most succinct way in, which Descartes could have made his point about people knowing that they were alive and also experiencing reality as they were able to think. It sums up his ideas about reality in three words, instead of long and convoluted arguments. People know they are still alive whilst they are able to think, and also have the ability to sense and to feel the world around them.

Thought and experience when combined are all the proof needed to be sure that the world we live in is real and simply not a figment of our imagination, and therefore not real at all. The phrase was a neat way of presenting his ideas in a way that people who were not particularly well educated could understand

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