How to Build Rapport with Your Students?

Rapport refers to the relationship between a teacher and the students. The teaching profession is a calling and thus why, as a teacher, one should strive to have a good rapport with his/her learners to effectively instill knowledge to the learners. Once a good rapport is created between the teacher and the students, the students are more comfortable and friendly to the teacher, and this makes learning more enjoyable. Below are some of the tips on how to create a rapport with students.

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  1. Know Each Student By Their Name

As a teacher, knowing your students by their name is the first step to build a rapport with them. Knowing and calling students by their name shows that the teacher is concerned with the affairs of the learner. Besides knowing their name as a teacher, one ought to identify individual characters of the students; by so doing, the teacher can understand why a particular student is behaving in a certain manner and guide them accordingly.

  1. Apologize For Your Mistakes

Let’s face it; everybody can make mistakes, get angry, and say sentiments, which can be very hurting. So as a teacher, one needs to apologize where necessary if his/her mistakes offend the learners. Many teachers never apologize to learners, and this can ruin a good relationship with them.

  1. Indulge In Co-Curricular

A good teacher should be all-around; engage in other co-curricular activities besides teaching in the classroom. This allows a teacher to know the students more since most of them are willing to share more information about them. So by engaging in extracurricular, a teacher can become more friendly to the students, and this will create a rapport with them.

  1. Use Humor During Lesson

A teacher should always make his/her lesson lively so that learning becoming interesting. Often crack jokes during the lesson to prepare students to love your subject and at the same time, create a good rapport. However, never get personal when making jokes because it may offend some students and ruin your relationship with them.

  1. Be A Counselor To Students

Sometimes teachers get it wrong when they rush to punish the students. It is more professional to first listen to them to get to know why they behaving in a certain manner. As a good teacher, one should be able to counsel and give guidance to his/her students in case of indiscipline cases, and at times, they are going through hard times. For instance, if they lose their parents or if they are stressed. This guidance can create a good rapport between the teacher and the learner. Corporal punishment should be avoided by all means.

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Gone are the days where teachers were so strict and feared by the students. These days for you to effectively pass knowledge to students, you ought to create a good rapport with the students; they will love you, your lessons, and feel more comfortable even consulting you in their leisure time. The above-mentioned tips are effective to create a good rapport with your students.

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