What was the Cause of the French Revolution?

What was the Cause of the French Revolution? 2

After France helped assist the Americans during the American revolution, some of the French revolutionaries also wanted change within their country. But unlike the revolution they took part in the American colonies, the change they wanted to happen in France was more radical. The American revolutionaries only wanted independence from the British empire while the … Read more

What caused World War I?

What caused World War I? 3

There are many reasons why the First World War (WWI) started. Some of the factors that led to World War I were the political, territorial, and economic in nature. The rampant militarism in Europe, the rise of nationalism, imperialism, complex alliances between countries and the collapse of the Ottoman empire also contributed to the start … Read more

What is Renaissance?

What is Renaissance? 4

The Beginning of the Renaissance By the end of the Middle Ages, the authority of European kings within their countries began to strengthen while the power of the Church began to waver, the people began to doubt the church’s authority. At the same time, the prolonged period of epidemics, war and poverty in Europe ended. … Read more

Industrial Revolution: Beginnings, Innovations, and Impact

Industrial Revolution: Beginnings, Innovations, and Impact 5

What is the Industrial Revolution? The Industrial Revolution (c. 1760 – 1840) was a transitional period in Europe and America that focused on change in manufacturing processes, from the development of products by hand to the use of machinery and automation. This period is characterized by the rapid development in manufacturing and various industries due … Read more

What is Monarchy?

What is Monarchy? 6

What is the meaning of Monarchy? A monarchy is a system of government that appoints a person as head of state for life, until the monarch is forced to give up his power, or until he voluntarily abdicates the throne. One characteristic of this system is known for how it handles the transfer of power … Read more

What is Mercantilism?

What is Mercantilism? 7

Definition of Mercantilism Mercantilism is a political and economic doctrine that aims to improve national development and strengthen state power by doing the following: Gathering precious metals (gold and silver) while maintaining the balance of trade in favor of the mercantilist country. Achieving economic independence through imperialism. Extracting and exploiting the natural resources and precious … Read more

Art in the Renaissance Period

Art in the Renaissance Period 8

Renaissance artists borrowed style and themes from the Classical art of the Greeks and Romans. They used Greek and Roman stories and myths as inspiration for their art. With the height of the Catholic Church’s Influence artists also made depictions of events in the Bible and Church history. Politicians’ portraits, their patrons’ prestige, and ordinary … Read more

Gender and Sex: What is the Difference Between?

Gender and Sex: What is the Difference Between? 9

One of the most hotly debated issues in the modern time are issues concerning gender and sex. Most people would use this two terms interchangably which sometime cause confusion in the discussion of certain issues. This article aims to define and differentiate gender and sex. What is Sex? Sex is the distinction between male and … Read more