What is the difference between clichés and tropes?

What is the difference between clichés and tropes? 1

Tropes and clichés have been used interchangeably. Both of their meanings and uses have been categorized under the same purpose and function. Using tropes and clichés have played a central role in the existence of stories in books, novels, and films. However, to break the mold, tropes and clichés are not to be polarized between … Read more

Context Clues Explained

Context Clues Explained 2

What is a Context Clue? Context clues are clues or hints in a sentence, passage, or paragraph. This is for the understanding of the reader, as they are sometimes not familiar with some words. Learning the meaning of a specific word in a sentence is the easiest and practical way to create a strong vocabulary. … Read more

The Use of Transitional Signal in Writing

The Use of Transitional Signal in Writing 3

Writing transitional signals are nonverbal communication in which writers use words to convey sounds or visual cues. Writing signals result from how an author uses punctuation, word choice, and sentence structure to help readers better understand what is being written. Writing signals can be used with all types of text to add emphasis, clarity, effect, … Read more

How to Differentiate Biases from Prejudices?

How to Differentiate Biases from Prejudices? 4

What differentiates biases from prejudices? It is important to understand that prejudice is the tendency to form an opinion or a prejudgment before acquiring awareness on a relevant fact regarding a case. On the other hand, a bias is being included or having an outlook that supports holding or presenting a partial perspective. What is … Read more

How to Use Conditionals in Expressing Arguments?

how to use conditionals to express arguments

Using conditionals in expressing arguments is important if you’re making a persuasive argument and you want to win over potential new supporters, then it’s important that you use conditionals in your statements. Simply put, conditionals make your arguments more convincing and more accurate because they offer both sides of an argument. If someone is on … Read more

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