What are Fallacies?

What are Fallacies? 1

Fallacies are errors in reasoning. If it is done intentionally to deceive an opponent, it is called sophism or sophistry. If it is done unintentionally, it is called paralogism. It may be classified in to the following: Formal or logical fallacies Violations of the rules of logic Fallacies of definition Fallacy of too wide definition … Read more

Epistemology in Philosophy

Epistemology in Philosophy 2

What is Epistemology? A cornerstone of philosophy, epistemology is concerned with knowledge; and can most simply be described as interrogating how and why we consider something ‘knowledge’. It focuses on the nature and scope of knowledge and justified belief. Sometimes referred to as ‘theory of knowledge’, epistemology considers the relationship between the core concepts of … Read more

Metaphysics as a Branch of Philosophy

Metaphysics as a Branch of Philosophy 3

What is Metaphysics? Referred to by Aristotle as ‘first philosophy’ Metaphysics is one of the main branches of philosophy and widely considered the foundation of philosophy. Metaphysics concerns itself with the most basic of principles, succinctly summarized in two of its key questions; ‘What is there?’ and ‘What is it like?’. The term metaphysics originated … Read more

Logic as a Branch of Philosophy

Logic as a Branch of Philosophy 4

What is Logic? Logic is divided into four different groups. There are four different types of logic. You have formal logic, informal logic, symbolic logic, and mathematical logic. When you practice logic, you have to use reasoning to evaluate arguments. Sometimes what sounds reasonable isn’t always logical. Logic is therefore a branch of philosophy. Logic … Read more

What is Ethics?

What is Ethics? 5

Meaning of Ethics Ethics is a branch of philosophy. It is also known as the moral philosophy. Ethics is recognized as the study of morality in society. Its philosophical concepts arise when we ask ourselves how we should live our lives. Ethics is also philosophical to ask ourselves what proper conduct entails and the actual … Read more


Aesthetics 6

What is Aesthetics? Philosophy is a discipline like any other with its comprising branches too. One of these branches is aesthetics. The aesthetic is the philosophical principle concerned with the judgment about beauty and the nature of art. Sometimes aesthetics are considered to be in the branch of the axiology philosophy. In axiology, philosophers study … Read more

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