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What is Aesthetics?

Philosophy is a discipline like any other with its comprising branches too. One of these branches is aesthetics. The aesthetic is the philosophical principle concerned with the judgment about beauty and the nature of art.


Sometimes aesthetics are considered to be in the branch of the axiology philosophy. In axiology, philosophers study values and explore value judgments. Whether you will say that a sculpture is priceless or spend millions on a single painting, you will be based on the axiological judgment. Aesthetics attempts to define the principles which allow us to value one thing over another. This is like aesthetic decisions.

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The core of aesthetics involves asking for the most valuable things in life. It seeks to address what is valuable beyond mere survival. In this perspective, the correct definition of art and beauty is established. The aesthetics value ideas are mere judgments about beauty, art, and good taste.

Taste is a component of aesthetics, yet it is one of our five senses. Aesthetics is dependent on our senses’ sensitivity in making decisions and judgments of beauty and art.

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