What is Ethics?

Meaning of Ethics

Ethics is a branch of philosophy. It is also known as the moral philosophy. Ethics is recognized as the study of morality in society. Its philosophical concepts arise when we ask ourselves how we should live our lives.


Ethics is also philosophical to ask ourselves what proper conduct entails and the actual meaning of a good life. Depending on personal beliefs and other factors, these questions can be variable. What matters is a person’s ability to justify their views and stand.

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Ethics set the standards that guide people on how life’s virtues should look like. Besides, it guides people on how we should practice the good virtues of life for a healthy coexistence with others.

Ethics allow us to defend, systemize recommend concepts of right and wrong philosophically. Ethics is mostly concerned with the value of life. Through ethics, we understand how we ought to act.

It’s good to note that ethics is different from morality and morals. Ethics denote the theory of the right actions and the greater good in society, unlike morals, which is about practice.

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