Quiver: Be Creative with 3D Pictures

What is Quiver?


The Quiver app is a 3D coloring app. A person will be able to color pictures in three dimensions. It can be downloaded on Android and iOs operating systems. This app is free to use and people of all ages including adults love to color the different pictures. When a person is done there is an option that will allow them to print out the picture.

After downloading Quiver a person can search the different pictures and find the one they want to color. They can zoom in and out and they can even add animations and sounds to the coloring pages. They will then print out the picture and color it. A person can use crayons, markers, or any other means that they want to color from.

They will then upload the picture to the app and play with the different features to help bring it to life. This includes both sounds and animation. The app is easy to use and people with any skill level will get to know how to use the different animation features. To upload the complete picture a person can use the camera that is already on their phone.


There are some cool features that go along with the Quiver app. They include:

  • 3D pictures
  • Animation features that will allow a person to bring their characters to life.


While the Quiver app sounds like a lot of fun there are some downsides to this app:

  • Some of the pictures will cost money
  • To print the pictures a user has to save the picture to their device. They cannot print it directly from the app.

For those that enjoy coloring and want to take their creativity to the next level, the Quiver app is the place to start. A person can color their pictures and then bring them to life. This is fun for both adults and children.

You can get Quiver in Google Play store for Android smartphones and tablets, and IOS App store for Iphone and Ipads.