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What is a Contemporary Issue?

Contemporary issues are issues that are happening in the present. Most of these are issues that our ancestors did not experience in the past and only now have they become significant issues. Some examples are climate change, globalization, and rapid technological advances.

Definition of Contemporary Issues

Any event, idea, opinion, and topic related to a current issue or problem that affects people today can be considered a contemporary issue. From environmental issues, education and health, contemporary issues can be seen in various aspects of our lives.

The contemporary issue also includes perennial social problems. These are issues that ever since we developed civilized societies have not been given a competent solution and have remained a problem even in our modern society. Some examples are poverty, government corruption, discrimination, and human rights violations.

contemporary issues
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Some Major Contemporary Issues in the World Today

Climate Change

Rapid environmental degradation, rapid rise of sea levels, global warming, and ever-increasing frequency and intensities of storms are just a few of the issues associated with climate change.

It has a significant impact on people’s lifestyle, so the United Nation wants to slow its effects with the help of member countries by reducing carbon emissions.

Pacific islands, coastal settlements and tropical archipelagos are particularly affected by this. Every year the storms get stronger. It does not help that a large percentage of electricity production in the still comes from burning coal and oil. 

Technological Change

Over the past decades, there has been no denying the rapid improvement of our technology. It has brought about many changes in the way each person interacts with each other, and it has also had effects on traditions, values, and political and social perceptions of people today. People depend on the internet for daily consumption of information and socializing with loved ones.

In the next few years, these technologies will be faster, more portable and at the same time inseparable in people’s lives. Just one of the contemporary issues caused by technology is that the internet made it easier to access information, but children and adults are not equipped with skills and tools to filter the truth and false claims on the internet.

Discrimination and Social Change

Unfair treatment because of race, skin color, age and gender continue to plague the world. Although the era of colonialism and segregation has ended in many countries of the world, there are still traces left in the countries that experienced it.

Importance of Contemporary Issues

Studying contemporary issues helps and binds people to discuss and understand the problems facing society and provide solutions to these problems that affect all members of the community.


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