Review of Quizizz Educational App

Quizizz is an online platform that offers learning by use of gamification; this makes its content engaging and immersive. This tool allows both the students and teachers to come up with and use the assessment questions.

For it to work, every student is required to have a private password. Either in person or remotely, timed questions then pop up on a student screen either as homework or random for competition reason with a given deadline. The teachers get hold of the feedback instantly as the learners answer the questions. The students can review their results once they are done.


What is the Quizizz app Used for?

It is used for educational purposes for both teaching and learning. Exams, group work, impromptu tests, and even CAT tests can be administered through the platform. It works when both the teacher and student are online.

Review of Quizizz Educational App 1

The Pros and Cons of Quizizz


  • I can be a good learning management software/app. The teacher can review the performance of various students in a given area and know where to focus more for better understanding.
  • Lessons are online and presented as slides. There is no need for a projector as every student gets the question directly on their screen.
  • It is free but there is a premium plan to get additional tools for learning and for it to be ad-free
  • Lessons, quizzes, and presentations are easy to make. The questions are easy to edit and flexible and can therefore serve any given area of study.
  • Through its blog sections, one can know how to use its features and also be made aware in case of new ones.
  • It entails a teacher resource section that guides the teacher /trainer who is not conversant with the app.
  • There is already a large library of well-made quizzes and presentations to be used in teaching and learning.
  • The premium plan is cheap just for 2 US dollars per month or 24 dollars per year. You will have all access to all of Quizizz features.
Review of Quizizz Educational App 2


  • It limits the number of questions you can put in your quiz or presentation. This limit can be removed with the premium plan.
  • Accessibility to technology should be highly considered before using this app. In case of inability to access the required technology such as iPad or computer, the school or student would not be able to use this software.
  • You cannot copy and edit any featured slides. quiz or presentation unless you have to premium plan.
  • Many of the great features of this app like interactive videos are locked behind a premium plan.
Review of Quizizz Educational App 3

In Conclusion…

Quizizz is an amazing platform for online classroom teachings. It is easy, fun, and flexible. Given that it encourages students to learn at their own pace, the gamification of learning will help them understand and be more attentive to their lessons.

You can find their website here.

Find their mobile app for Android here and Apple IOS here